Gueston Smith Spring ’14 Deuce


Where are you from? & Who are you?

Oh I’m from Texas, born and raised. Dallas/ Fort Worth Area. “Triple D” is what they call it. It’s very different from LA but I love both just the same.  Some call me Guess and Some call me Stons. I’m just appreciative that they call me at all.  I’d like to consider myself design oriented because I value creativity and processing the world. There is so much to learn and experience. Ummm, I like to keep myself entertained, so if you check my IG @CordaeZone, you will see that I’m always trying to do something active. I ride a Z1000 bike, Hoop, do Muay Thai kickboxing, make random 90’s music videos and throw in some flips here and there. It’s tough to summarize myself so I’m sure other things will probably show throughout this interview.

When did you know that you wanted to be an Architect?

Wow. Probably the 6th grade, if I could pinpoint it. My younger sister had cerebral palsy (which means she couldn’t walk, talk or have control of her motor functions) and my mom was always searching for a home that could accommodate her handicapped needs but could never find one. My mom jokingly suggested that I should become an architect to design a home for my sister. She bought me a computer program that I played around with and loved. My path hasn’t changed since then. Today, I work as a Facilities Engineer at an aerospace company designing the offices and laboratories for the company and slowly working towards being a licensed architect.

Why Kappa?

Because it’s a frat so nice that they had to name it twice! Haha but really I didn’t even know about black fraternities coming into college. I am a first generation in my family to go to a 4 year university. So all I saw was the stepshows and stroll offs. Kappa Alpha Psi was the fraternity that I immediately related to. I’m all about the smooth, dapper / debonair, well-dressed kind of mentality. That is what my mom has been ingrained into me since I could walk. So automatically, it was learning about the Nupes or nothing at all because I refuse to jump around like an animal. I’m not with all that haha. So in researching Kappa I found that the fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is achievement. What’s better than being apart of a group of like-minded individuals who achieve in every field of human endeavor? I took this purpose to heart because I felt like I already had the same internal purpose. I want to do something great in my life and then turn around and top that. For me, it’s about getting better as an individual, as a group and as a man then turn around and helping the next man.

What are your most memorable moments as a Nupe?

Oohhh man. That’s a tough one to condense. Let’s see. I would say I have five memorable moments that are for five completely different reasons. The first moment was finishing with three other men I could call my brothers. Spring 14 Diamond Disciples, “Coal under Pressure? What that make? Diamonds.” I wouldn’t want to share that experience with anyone else but them. Another memorable moment was throwing the 2014 homecoming party. It was beyond lit. The BQ house was packed. Hot af. And a helicopter had to come shut it down because it was so live. Let’s see….Oh! the moment when I first learned how to stroll and shimmy without the neo shoulders in a party. That feeling of having everyone watching you, recording you and grabbing you is crazy. It’s an experience like no other because you feel like the man when you walk in and that is no exaggeration haha. But Hmmm…on a more productive note I’d say that a notable moment was when I realized that I could actively do what I loved to contribute to the Beta Omega Chapter by creating all the flyers that were seen from BQ from 2014-2016. I had never created a flyer before but I figured why not use the graphic skills I learned from Architecture to help? And from that stemmed the development of Stons Design which is sort of my freelance graphic design platform. @stons_design Feel free to contact me if you need some work done feeelll meee?? haha shameless plug. Oh and the last moment was probably the Kappa Kafe I threw in 2015. I’m really into Neo-Soul, spoken word and late 80’s – 90’s R&B music so I wanted to throw an event that allowed me to be able to show that. I hit up Levi and Bash to help me reserve Ground Zero, reached out to LA poets I knew and of course the talented USC singers and asked Pierce to co-host with me. I’m a nonchalant person so hosting made me uncomfortable but I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. People were tweeting and posting pics on the gram about it. There is no better feeling than wanting to do something and seeing it through. I really appreciate that I could use Kappa as a platform to throw an event like that.

Do you feel like you have changed since becoming a Nupe?

Haha yo if I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard this, I’d be broke offff. But I would say yes. I have. Although I wouldn’t necessarily say that the things that have changed about me are a direct influence of me becoming a Nupe. I was going through some other things at the same time that I felt really contributed to my “change.” Otherwise, I’m still me. Just older, wiser and more aware of things worth it to me.